The Light Within

Mixed Media Sculpture
Aluminum Frame, Textile Crochet, Electric Light

ArtFields, Lake City SC April-May 2021, and Dogwood Regional Art Exhibition,
Knoxville, TN June 2021
photo credit: Jared Worsham

If we look at the way that crochet has been categorized in art history, it’s connected to ideas of amateurism.  This status as a womens' domestic handicraft as opposed to fine art in many ways makes it more approachable to outliers of the art gallery scene. My intention is to use visual art to express social issues in approachable ways. Crochet is a beautiful medium for this: soft and warm, comforting, vulnerable by nature, intimate and personal. The quality of crochet aesthetically creates predictable patterns of small holes which radiate light, when internally lit, casting shadow on the exterior surface of the form.


The Light Within is about the experience of darkness. The form speaks of exhaustion, despair, and hopelessness, reflecting a universal experience and a common sensation in current times. Yet it suggests a turning inward and a fetal protection of the body. The light radiating from inside the form represents hope in dark times; courage and strength found within.

Aluminum frame fabrication: Scott Trader/ Mercury Metals


Photo Credit: @jared_worsham on Instagram and Jared Worsham, Photographer on Facebook

Thank you to my volunteers and assistants: 


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