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Her Size

"Her Size" is an ongoing artistic experiment, exploring the female experience of taking up space. In a society that idealizes beauty and youth, "her size" questions the objectification, sexualization and obsessive infantilization of the female form. It is some sort of revolutionary act to live as a woman who does not criticize one's body for the space it takes up and the places it sticks out. It's no great leap to say that there is a connection between the amount of physical space we are "supposed" to occupy and the amount of space we are figuratively given in the world. The object of this work is to express one artists' impression of the female existence in the body as it relates to size and standards of beauty.

Hodgepodge Wheatpaste

Hodgepodge Wheatpaste: 2020 "Veiled" - 10ft x 10ft AND "Burrito Belly" - 8ft x 16ft" wheat-pasted laserjet print on paper

Cover Up

Cover Up: 2020 10in x 10in acrylic on canvas

Encaged (a diptych)

Encaged (a diptych): 2020 2ft x 4ft collage


Unabashed: 2020 10in x 10in acrylic on canvas

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